Whether you use them for hunting, trail riding, or yard work, ATVs are as fun as they are useful, but even the best quads on the market won’t do you any good when a flat ATV tire brings your ride to a halt.

Most ATV owners we talk to tell us that they always carry tire plugs with them on the trail in case of a flat. 

And while a tire plug can get the job done in certain situations, they’re only useful once your tire has already gotten a puncture. 

In the article below we’ll cover why tire plugs aren’t the best fix for a flat ATV tire, as well as some advantages tire sealant gives ATV owners regardless of how they use their quad. 

Why Plugs Are Are A Bad Choice For A Flat ATV Tire

There are two main problems with using tire plugs for a flat ATV Tire. 

The first issue is that tire plugs only repair punctures in the tread of the tire. 

That means that if you get any punctures or damage in the sidewall of your tire, you’re going to have to pull the tire off the rim and figure out how to patch it on the side of the trail. Hope you brought your toolbox… 

Second, as we stated above, a tire plug is only useful if your tire has already got a puncture. 

As any ATV rider knows, it’s only a matter of time before a puncture becomes a flat tire. Whether that’s seconds, minutes, or hours depends entirely on the kind of puncture you end up with. 

That means chances are you’re going to find yourself out on the trail needing a repair. Let’s hope it’s the kind of leak a simple tire plug can handle in the first place. 

So right off the bat you’ll need a tool to remove whatever sharp object is stuck in your tread. Then you’ll need a second tool to clean out that hole. 

You’ll need a third tool to insert the tire plug itself. And don’t forget you’ll need to bring along rubber cement too if you want that plug to do any good. 

Once you’ve got your plug installed, you’re going to need a fourth tool to inflate your tire again. Whether that’s a hand pump, compressor, or CO2 inflator (plus 3-5 cartridges required to fill one tire), is your decision.

So to recap, here’s the list of gear you need to fix a single flat tire with plugs: 

  • Pliers
  • Tire plugs
  • Reamer tool
  • Plug tool
  • Rubber cement
  • Hand pump or compressor
  • CO2 inflator
  • 3-5 CO2 cartridges

Compare that to the list of tools you’ll need to pack for a tire using Stan’s Sealant:

  •  None.

Zero tools needed. That’s because once a tire has Stan’s Sealant installed, punctures quickly repair themselves as they happen, before your tire has a chance to lose air pressure. 

What’s even better is that once you’ve got Stan’s in your ATV tires, they’re protected from flats for up to two years or more with a single application. 

But that’s not the only reason Stan’s Sealant is your best option. Let’s look at some other advantages of our premium outdoor tire sealant. 

Why Using Tire Sealant Is The Best Fix For A Flat ATV Tire

As we mentioned above, tire plugs can only repair existing punctures in the tread of your ATV tire. 

Stan’s Sealant, on the other hand, repairs punctures both in the tread and sidewall of your tires.

That’s because our sealant stays liquid inside your tire, and continuously coats all the inside surfaces as you ride.

For that reason, installing Stan’s Sealant will also repair any leaks your tire may have at the bead. That means your ATV tires will maintain consistent air pressure for much longer. No more constant pressure checks and top-ups before every ride!

What Makes Our Sealant Special

Stan’s Sealant is the one-size-fits-all solution for 99% of flats, and what’s even better, Stan’s isn’t just for your quad or ATV.

The same Stan’s Sealant that keeps your ATV rolling season after season works in just about every other piece of equipment in your shed. Add Stans to your lawn mower, UTV, side-by-side, wheelbarrow, golf cart, hand truck, or tractor to get the same quality protection in all of your utility equipment, all season long. 

Don’t Let Flat Tires Happen To You!

Here at Stan’s, we make the best tire sealant in the world, and every bottle we make is produced right here in the USA at our facility in Big Flats, NY (ironic, we know). 

If you want the best sealant on the market, specially formulated for the hard work you and your equipment need to get done, look no further. But don’t wait for a flat tire to happen to put Stan’s Sealant to work for you. 

Stan’s Sealant is formulated for whatever lies ahead, so get proactive about your tire protection this season. Pick up a bottle or two today in convenient 16 ounce and 32 ounce sizes and know that a flat tire will never come between you a job well done again. 

New to tire sealant? Check out our handy guide to become a sealant pro in less than five minutes!