Flat wheelbarrow tires happen all the time, and that’s too bad because they handle a lot of heavy lifting and save our backs from doing the same.

Whether you’re hauling fertilizer for your garden, mulch for your landscaping, or stone for your next backyard DIY project, you need to be able to count on your one (or two) wheel wonder to get the job done, so what’s the best way to ensure your wheelbarrow tires keep rolling all year? 

You’ve got a couple of options, but fair warning: Some are better than others. 

Options For Flat Wheelbarrow Tire Repair

A quick internet search will reveal you’ve got a couple choices when it comes to solving the flat wheelbarrow tire dilemma. We’ll go over the different options for your wheelbarrow and weigh the pros and cons of each. 

Option 1: Install A New Innertube

If you’ve got a wheelbarrow that uses innertubes, you can always just opt to replace the failed innertube with a new one. 

Innertubes are a fairly inexpensive fix, but they also require you to remove the wheel, tire, and tube yourself, and then install a new tube and remount the tire onto the wheel. 

There are a few obvious downsides to the innertube approach for wheelbarrow tires. 

First, replacing an innertube is a hassle. 

Pulling off the wheel, using specialty tools to pry off the tire, finding the right size replacement tube, and then remounting and reinstalling everything is a chore. 

It takes a considerable amount of time and effort, and even the best innertube money can buy will only protect you until the next thorn or nail you run over forces you to have to do it all over again. 

Stan’s Sealant was originally developed for tubeless applications, but it works great with innertubes as well. So whether you want to get proactive and prevent flats in your current tube or just don’t want the hassle of replacing one that’s already gone flat, our sealant works to repair and protect tires with innertubes from punctures and leaks of all kinds.

Option 2: Replace Your Flat With A Rigid Tire

Your next option to remedy a flat wheelbarrow tire is to replace your pneumatic tire with a rigid tire, also called a “flat-free” tire. 

Rigid tires are wheels that are manufactured with inflexible solid tires permanently affixed to them. These “tires” are made using either solid rubber or super-dense foam, so there’s no need to inflate them, and they cannot be damaged by punctures from sharp objects. 

There’s a downside to rigid tires however, and it’s hiding right there in the name. 

These tires are RIGID. Almost entirely inflexible. 

So while they’ll give you extended periods of flat-proof use, they make for a very hard rolling tire, and will bounce, jump, and hop over every little rock or bump in the ground you’re pushing them over. 

This constant jarring is a huge pain in the neck (and arms… and shoulders…) after a few short trips, and can upset and tip your load at anything over a snail’s pace.

Option 3: “Foaming” Your Flat Wheelbarrow Tire

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve seen the videos online of wheelbarrow owners making their own rigid tires using spray foam. 

Our advice here is definitely to just skip this option for two reasons. 

First, you’ll be creating all the same problems of a rigid tire, but won’t get nearly as many miles out of a “foamed” tire before it starts to fail and needs to be either replaced or foamed again. 

Second, adding foam to a wheelbarrow tire makes a huge mess. Most DIY’ers who try this method end up drilling several holes in the sides of their tire to dump foam into, which then expands out and creates a huge mess on the tire and rim. 

We’ve also seen some folks attempt to apply foam to a tire through the valve stem the same way you’d apply our sealant. 

This method is a little less messy, but can only be done once, and isn’t likely to get enough foam into the tire to evenly support a load. 

Seriously, just skip it.

Option 4: Tubeless Tires With Added Sealant

Many wheelbarrows nowadays use tubeless tires, which form a seal using air pressure at the bead of the tire along the rim rather than depending on an innertube (or no air at all).

Tubeless tires are great. They really are the best of both worlds for their simplicity of use and great ride quality. In fact they seem to be the perfect wheelbarrow tire right up until they get a puncture or start losing their seal and have to be repaired or replaced. 

And that is where tire sealant comes into play. 

Whether you’ve already got a tubeless tire that doesn’t want to hold air, are currently running tubes but want to make the switch to tubeless, or are tired of pushing around a harsh rigid tire setup, switching to a tubeless tire with Stan’s Sealant inside will give you all the best features you want in a wheelbarrow tire. 

Our sealant is easy to use, makes zero mess thanks to our handy threaded applicator, and will eliminate virtually all flat tires in your wheelbarrow for up to two years straight with a single application. 

What’s even better is that tubeless wheelbarrow tires treated with Stan’s Sealant will go on protecting your wheelbarrow from future punctures as well for the life of the tire with proper seasonal top-offs. 

What Makes Our Sealant Special

Stan’s Sealant is the one-size-fits-all solution for 99% of flats, and what’s even better, Stan’s isn’t just for your wheelbarrow.

The same Stan’s Sealant that keeps your wheelbarrow rolling season after season works in just about every other piece of equipment in your shed. Add Stans to your lawn mower, ATV, UTV, side-by-side, golf cart, hand truck, or tractor to get the same quality protection in all of your utility equipment, all season long. 

Don’t Let Flat Tires Happen To You!

Here at Stan’s, we make the best tire sealant in the world, and every bottle we make is produced right here in the USA at our facility in Big Flats, NY (ironic, we know). 

If you want the best sealant on the market, specially formulated for the hard work you and your equipment need to get done, look no further. But don’t wait for a flat tire to happen to put Stan’s Sealant to work for you. 

Stan’s Sealant is formulated for whatever lies ahead, so get proactive about your tire protection today. Pick up a bottle or two today in convenient 16 ounce and 32 ounce sizes and know that a flat tire will never come between you a job well done again. 

New to tire sealant? Check out our handy guide to become a sealant pro in less than five minutes!