There’s nothing like coming out to a mower with a flat tire to leave us wondering how to prevent flat lawn mower tires from ever happening in the first place.

At Stan’s, we believe taking a proactive approach to protect yourself against flats is the smartest choice, so we put together this list of tips to help you keep your lawn mower working as hard as you do.

Keep Your Tires Fully Inflated

The best way to get the most life out of any pneumatic tire is to make sure they’re kept at the recommended tire pressure provided by the manufacturer.

Both overinflating and underinflating a tire will lead to increased wear on the tread and can damage the carcass of the tire as well, which increases your risk of experiencing a blowout.

The largest challenges to keeping a tire properly inflated are the slow leaks that occur over time while your mower is being stored between jobs, and losing air to punctures from things like the nails and thorns you’ll inevitably run over at some point.

Stan’s Sealant makes keeping your tires at the optimal pressure worry-free by drastically improving the internal seal of the tire to address slow leaks, and by rapidly healing the holes formed by punctures as they occur before air has a chance to escape.

Walk Your Property Before Mowing

You may not have time to do this every time you cut your grass, but it’s definitely a good idea to walk your lawn and any other areas you’ll be operating your lawn mower before you start it up. We highly recommend getting at least one thorough walk in before the first cut of the season.

We walk the pathway first to identify any potentially harmful obstacles or debris we don’t want to run over accidentally with our mowers. This is helpful in saving both your tires and your cutting blade, as it will give you an opportunity to remove any puncture hazards like nails or thorns as well as any obstructions that might dull your blade like large rocks, construction debris, or metal.

Once you’ve done your first walkthrough and cut of the year, the best practice is to keep the grass short by cutting it weekly, so you won’t need to walk it as often.

By keeping your lawn short, you don’t have to worry about any unseen surprises out there lurking in the tall grass, waiting to cause a new puncture or tear in your fresh tires. Being able to see what’s in front of your mower is the first step in learning how to prevent flat lawn mower tires.

Store Your Lawn Mower Inside

The rubber in your lawn mower tires isn’t a big fan of the sun. In fact, weather damage is one of the most common reasons for a lawn mower tire to lose its seal with the rim, allowing the air inside to escape.

Ideally, your lawn mower should be stored inside of a garage the same way you would a car or truck, or parked inside a storage shed to keep it out of the elements when not in use.

Of course we know that not everyone can have an extra parking spot reserved for their mower, so if you can’t get it inside, we recommend parking your lawn mower somewhere out of direct sunlight and keeping it under a waterproof cover that is large enough to completely cover all four tires.

Apply Tire Sealant At The Beginning Of The Season

Try as we might to keep our tires out of harm’s way, it seems like flat tires always find a way to pop up unexpectedly from time to time.

That’s why we recommend protecting your tires at the beginning of every mowing season with Stan’s Sealant.

When Stan’s is added inside your lawn mower tire, it goes to work immediately as your tire rotates, coating the inside surface and creating a flexible, airtight membrane that seals any existing punctures or leaks in the tire.

Once the inside surfaces are fully coated, a portion of the sealant remains liquid inside the tire, keeping you protected from future leaks for up to two years with a single application.

(New to tire sealant? Knowing how to prevent flat lawn mower tires can be as easy as knowing how to use sealant! Check out our handy how-to guide to become a sealant pro in five minutes!)


What Makes Our Sealant Special

Stan’s Sealant is the one-size-fits-all solution for 99% of flats, and what’s even better, Stan’s isn’t just for your lawn mower.

The same Stan’s Sealant that keeps your lawn mower tires rolling season after season works in just about every other piece of equipment in your shed. Add Stans to your wheelbarrow, ATV, UTV, side-by-side, golf cart, hand truck, or tractor tires to get the same premium-quality protection in all of your utility equipment, all season long.

Don’t Let Flat Tires Happen To You!

Stan’s Sealant is great for fixing all kinds of flats once they happen.

What’s even better, Stan’s can prevent flats from ever happening in the first place.

Stan’s Sealant is formulated for whatever lies ahead, and that means you don’t have to wait for flats to happen to put it to work. Pick up a bottle or two today in convenient 16 ounce and 32 ounce sizes to protect your tires and make sure a flat never comes between you a job well done again.