Tire Sealant Applicator

Tire Sealant Applicator


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Applicator makes it easier to install Stan’s Tire Sealant through Schrader valves with removable cores.

24 in stock

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Schrader valve adapter with 12 inches of premium tubing aids in transferring Stan’s Sealant from the bottle through the valve into the tire.

  • Anodized aluminum threaded tip features straight knurling for improved grip
  • Clear tubing with thick walls resists kinking for efficient sealant transport

Instructions: After removing valve core, thread adapter end onto Schrader valve until seated.  Press tube end firmly onto sealant bottle cap.  Invert bottle and gently squeeze correct sealant dosage.  It is recommended to rinse applicator with water immediately after use to avoid sealant particle buildup over time.


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