Schrader Valve Core Removal Tool

Schrader Valve Core Removal Tool


95 in stock

95 in stock

The best schrader valve core removal tool on the market. Features a special tip that securely grasps your valve core for easy removal and installation and even includes spare valve core storage.

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We set out to develop the best schrader valve core removal tool available.  We feel we have accomplished that.

Our meticulously designed valve remover can both remove and install your schrader valve cores with ease thanks to a high-quality brass tip with a built-in detent that grasps onto cores until the job is done. That means no more fumbling, dropping, or having to search for a lost valve core again.

The body and cap are made from 100% CNC machined aluminum with a wear-resistant black anodized finish. The body of the tool features strategically placed diamond-knurling to ensure a firm grip with or without gloves in even the worst conditions.

A removable cap on the rear of the tool is compression fit with a sturdy rubber O-ring to ensure your spare valve cores stay out of contact with the weather, dirt, and grime that can damage them and prevent them from forming a reliable seal inside your valve stem.

We also ship every Stan’s schrader valve core removal tool with three spare valve cores, so even if you somehow manage to lose a valve in the field or the dark recesses of your garage, Stan’s has your back.

Stan’s takes pride in every valve core tool that we make, so to top it all off we included lazer-etched Stan’s logos on both the body and the cap to make sure our tool stands out from the crowd in every respect.

Our schrader valve core removal tool is the perfect complement to your lawn mower repair kit, toolbox, trailside tool bag, or all three.

And like every product Stan’s produces, it’s made to last right here in the USA at our headquarters in Big Flats, NY, and then shipped straight to your door.

Add our tool to your kit today along with a few bottles of the hardest-working sealant on the market to ensure a flat tire never comes between you and a job well done again.


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