Stan’s Outdoor Neck Gaiter – Landscaping Buff

Stan’s Outdoor Neck Gaiter – Landscaping Buff


Stan’s branded multi-functional head and neck wear.

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Cold weather? Dusty conditions? Forgot your hat? Grab a Stan’s Neck Buff to take the edge off, keep your snot a somewhat normal color or catch some sweat.  Our outdoor neck gaiter is made from a superior sweat-absorbing material that helps regulate body temperature in every season.

That means year-round comfort, keeping your body warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot.

This Stan’s branded outdoor neck gaiter is a multifunctional piece of head and neck wear that can be worn in as many different ways as you can imagine.

Just pull it over your head to have a face mask when you need it, and a neck scarf when you don’t.

Give it a quick twist & fold, and you’ve got a moisture-wicking beanie that can be worn on its own or underneath your favorite hat or helmet. Let’s see you try that one with a disposable mask. Seriously, send us the pictures.

Give it a couple more folds, and you’ve got yourself a headband.

Headed inside for a well-deserved cold beverage? Throw it around your wrist for easy storage when you don’t need it.

Lost another hair tie? Guess what, we’ve got you there too.

Cutting grass in a top-secret location? This bad boy makes a for a killer blindfold.

Hair cover? Balaclava? Pirate costume? You get the picture… get creative.

Or just pull the thing off and wave it in the air: Boom. You’ve got yourself a Stan’s rally towel for the next race. Congratulations.

Do what you want, it’s your gaiter. The good news is that whatever you choose to subject your outdoor neck gaiter to, at the end of the day it’s 100% washable and reusable, which is great because we know disposable masks can get funky pretty quick.

Our gaiter has tons of applications, just like our sealant, so throw both in your cart today and be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

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