Tire Sealant Applicator

Tire Sealant Applicator


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93 in stock

Applicator makes it easier to install Stan’s Tire Sealant through Schrader valves with removable cores thanks to a threaded aluminum adapter and high-quality kink-resistant tubing.

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The Stan’s Schrader valve adapter is a convenient tire sealant applicator with 12 inches of premium tubing to in transferring Stan’s Sealant from the bottle through the valve into the tire.

While our bottles are specially designed to be able to pour directly into the valves of your tire, adding a tire sealant applicator to your yearly maintenance kit will make the job even easier.

Our innovative shrader valve adapter is made from anodized aluminum with tough knurling along the body to ensure you can get a firm grip on your valve in any weather or outside conditions.

The valve adapter’s threaded interior crews right down onto even the toughest to reach valve, forming a quality seal to ensure none of your Stan’s Sealant goes to waste.

A generous length of tubing means gives you more access and flexibility, which is especially helpful on deeper wheels, larger tires, and tough to reach angles.

What’s more, our applicator tubing is crystal clear, so you’ll know when the flow of sealant has started, and when you’re finished.

The walls of the tubing are extra thick as well, and built to resist kinking for efficient sealant transport.

Instructions: After removing the valve core, thread adapter end onto Schrader valve until fully seated.  Press tube end firmly onto sealant bottle cap.  Invert sealant bottle and gently squeeze correct sealant dosage.  We also recommend you rinse your tire sealant applicator with water immediately after every use to keep things flowing smoothly and avoid allowing any sealant particle buildup over time.

Not sure how much sealant you need for your mower, wheelbarrow, golf cart, ATV or UTV? Check out our handy sealant calculator to find out!

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