As an owner/operator of a lawn care and landscaping company, I’m always striving to reduce down time and keep my crew moving on or ahead of schedule. That being said, pretty much every year, I am presented with situations that challenge this need. One of the main culprits to late starts or unplanned downtime: flat tires. It would be a way too common occurrence when I would show up to my shop in the morning and have to deal with at least one of my machines that had a flat. Last year, I decided to try a new to me solution: Stan’s Tire Sealant. At first, I used it as a repair but after seeing the success in plugging punctures, I decided to use it as a preventative measure. I went ahead and installed it in all my machines with pneumatic tires. So far this year I have had zero downtime due to flats! Running Stan’s is now part of my maintenance plan.

~ Matt Kelleher – Owner/Operator of Kelleher Landscape Enhancement LLC