Nothing can put a halt to a productive weekend like coming out to a mower with flat tires, which leads many customers to ask, what’s the best way to fix a flat lawn mower tire for good?

There are a variety of reasons why your tires might be going flat, but lucky for you, the unique formula of Stan’s Sealant can repair just about every one. Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons for flat tires and how to fix them.

What Causes a Flat Lawn Mower Tire?


At some point, chances are you’ve found yourself on the side of the road with a nail in your tire.

It happens.

But for some reason, nails, screws, thorns, and sharp objects have a habit of finding their way into the paths of our lawn mowers as well.

And while we don’t have an explanation for this phenomenon, we do have a solution.

To the naked eye, Stan’s Sealant appears to be just a milky-white fluid. But floating around inside are tiny crystals which, when a puncture occurs, are rushed directly to the damaged area to quickly plug the hole and form a tight seal.

In fact, Stan’s is so advanced, you could run over a full-size landscaping spike if you wanted to (not that we recommend that) and our sealant would still be able to save your tire as it is designed to plug punctures up to ½” in diameter!

Poor Seal At The Rim

Minor imperfections in the bead of a tire or the lip of a rim allow air to escape, creating a slow leak even while your mower is just sitting.

What’s the best way to fix a flat lawn mower tire from a bad seal?

Well, you could spend money to have the tire replaced, and then the rim too, if that doesn’t do the trick.

Or you could save yourself the time, expense, and hassle of both and let Stan’s do the work for you.

Once a tire is filled with Stan’s, our sealant rushes to any imperfections along the bead as the tire rotates, evenly spreading the liquid and creating a lasting airtight seal in seconds.

No special tools. No trip to the store. No fees from the lawnmower shop. Just add our sealant, inflate the tire, and get to work.

Flat Lawn Mower Tires From Weather Corrosion

Lawn Mower tires lead a hard life. They spend a lot of time outside in the elements (direct sunlight especially), which breaks down and dries out the rubber.

While a weather-checked tire on a car should absolutely be replaced, weather-checking doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your lawn and garden equipment.

The best way to fix a flat lawn mower tire suffering from weather damage is to reinforce the inner seal strength of the rubber with Stan’s Sealant.

Stan’s soaks into small cracks and imperfections caused by weathering, creating a lasting yet flexible barrier, allowing the tire both to be reinflated and to hold air reliably for seasons to come.

That’s because once injected into the tire, a portion of our specially formulated sealant will immediately coat all surfaces inside, while the remainder of the sealant remains liquid inside the tire as backup to continue guarding against leaks as they occur for up to two years!

Leaky Valve Stems

Just like your tire, your valve stems are made of rubber, and can be prone to leak-inducing wear and damage over the life of the tire.

Because your valve stem isn’t part of the tire itself, sealant isn’t likely to fix any damage on the exposed portion that is most prone to leaking, so valve stems will typically just have to be replaced.

Lucky for you, a new valve stem costs a fraction of the price of a tire, and installing a new one will give you a convenient opportunity to add sealant to the tire and protect against all the other types of slow leaks that can occur.

New to tire sealant? Check out our handy guide to become a sealant pro in less than five minutes!

What Makes Our Sealant Special

Stan’s Sealant is the one-size-fits-all solution for 99% of flats, and what’s even better, Stan’s isn’t just for your lawn mower.

The same Stan’s Sealant that keeps your lawn mower tires rolling season after season works in just about every other piece of equipment in your shed. Add Stans to your wheelbarrow, ATV, UTV, side-by-side, golf cart, hand truck, or tractor tires to get the same premium-quality protection in all of your utility equipment, all season long.

Don’t Wait For Flats To Happen To You.

Stan’s Sealant is great for fixing all kinds of flats once they happen.

What’s even better, Stan’s can prevent flats from ever happening in the first place.

Stan’s Sealant is formulated for whatever lies ahead, and that means you don’t have to wait for flats to happen to put it to work. Pick up a bottle or two today in convenient 16 ounce and 32 ounce sizes to protect your tires and make sure a flat never comes between you and a job well done again.