Pneumatic or “air filled” tires are not perfect. However, there is a reason they have been around for so many years. They get the job done, and fairly well too. We would like to outline some tire tidbits for you. Some of these may be obvious and well known, some maybe not.

  • In order to get the most life out of a pneumatic tire, it should be properly inflated at all times – this means not too high or too low of tire pressure. Follow the tire pressure recommendations issued by the manufacturer being sure to adhere to any additional load range specifications
  • Tires (both new, old, on or off of a vehicle) should be properly stored to not allow any environmental influences to weaken or shorten the tire life. Some of these tips include:
    • Clean your tires prior to storage
    • Store in a cool, dry environment
    • Keep out of sunlight to protect from UV rays
    • Park the tires on cardboard or another insulating material
    • Rotate or move the tires appropriately during storage
  • Tires are permeable and lose air pressure over time, even without punctures or imperfections. This permeability also leaves tires susceptible to damage from chemicals or solvents, be sure to steer clear of any potential contact to avoid any dissolving or hardening of the tire rubber
  • Temperature does have an impact on tire pressure. Be sure to check tire pressure regularly and make adjustments following the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Lego is the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Lego pumps out over 300 million tires per year

A high-performance tire sealant like Stan’s can help mitigate future tire issues and nuisances. The two most common solutions that Stan’s Sealant solves are punctures and reducing air loss over time.

Tire Sealant. It’s not cool, sexy or flashy; but it’s what we do. We are here to help you make flat tires a thing of the past. We feel we can help do this through sharing our experiences and everything we have learned over the past 20+ years.

This is the first post of many that we hope will educate, inform and enable you to make flat tires a thing of the past. Stan’s Tire Sealant, formulated for whatever lies ahead.